Property Management Beirut Lebanon
Facility Maintenance / Cleaning
 Cleaning the Entire Basements using a Single-Disc Machine and a Water Pressure Machine to scrub off the dirt.

 Using Cleaner Solution to clean any Glass Casing.

 Using Wood Pledge to maximize the durability of any wooden surface.

 Using Dry Vacuum to vacuum inside the Elevators Cabin, Ceiling, Floor and Walls.

 Using Mild Detergent and Damp Cloth, Cleaning all Walls and Elevators’ Control   Panel.

 Removing Oil and Greasy Stains from Parking Area using a Water Pressure Machine and a Single Disc.

 Hand-Picking all the rubbish from the basements areas.

 Discarding any unwanted materials from the basements upon approval by owners.
Cleaning Cleaning Cleaning
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