Property Management Beirut Lebanon
Facility Maintenance / Pest Control
CAPITAL PM follows a scientific approach called IPM (Integrated Pest Manager) through which coordination with clients in specific steps will guarantee a pest-free environment all year around.
Premises Coverage
Entrance Area, Point Of Service, Offices, False Ceiling, Closets, Meeting Rooms, Safe Rooms, Kitchens, Terraces, Balconies, Toilets, Drains, Stairs, Wards, Shafts, UPS Rooms, Electrical Rooms, Computer Rooms, Archive Rooms, Elevator Rooms, Generator Rooms, Stores, Roof, Security Rooms, Parking, Manholes, Outside Area, Full Perimeter (With Fogger).
Target Pests

 Crawling Insects

 Rodents (Rats & Mice)

 Parasitic Insects (Fleas and Ticks)

 Reptiles (Snakes and Scorpions)

 Fumigation for Bacteria

 Flying Insects
Pest Control Pest Control Pest Control
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